HVAC Solution 

Frestec-HVAC, a Temperature Control Division of AVIC, is a design based manufacturer and supplier with over 50 years’ combined experience of creating reliable and efficient HVAC equipments. Frestec-HVAC was founded in 1964s and had been serving the market at both home and abroad since 1984s.  


 Creator & Pioneer 

Frestec-HVAC has revolutionized manufacture Cold Chain Equipments for vehicles over the decades with its team constantly working on new creations. Inspired by a passion for ultimate assurance of cold chain solution, the portfolio has transformed over the years from single bus air conditioning system to entire transport refrigeration solution for all vehicles! 


The winning element of Frestec-HVAC has always been the capacity to learn and observe the needs of the HVAC market worldwide, and managing to offer a diversified range of bus air conditioning system and transport refrigeration unit both for functionality and price.

A mission that has permitted the Frestec-HVAC to become and consolidate a leader in this HVAC industry, covering the medium and high segment of the different markets.


 Wide Applications 

With decades of R&D and feedback of market optimization, Frestec-HVAC now can offer you a complete range of cold chain solution for sale both in China, Asia and Worldwide. Our cold chain equipments are always designed and tested to the highest quality with fantastic artwork at great prices.

Frestec-HVAC offers HVAC solution for all kinds of vehicles. Our professional designers and skilled engineers are capable of working out a suitable solution for your vehicle with their expertise according to your requirements.  


 Range of Product 

**  Bus Air Conditioning System for all-electric bus, diesel-driven bus, double decker bus, and shcool bus, etc.  6 ~ 18m; 

**  RV air conditioner for Caravan, motor-home and yacht;

**  Truck and trailer air conditioner; and other air conditioning for construction vehicle;

**  Truck Refrigeration Unit for 2 ~ 14m; or  body volume capacity 2 ~  >50CBM;

**  Refrigerated Truck Bodies, body length 2 ~ 14m, or body volume capacity 2 ~ >50CBM. 



 Hearty Companion during Journey 

Frestec-HVAC Solution could fulfill high quality mobile requirements for passengers during journey and cargo-caring during logistics transportation. 

Bus air conditioner on the bus could accompany you and create cool feeling all along your journey. 

Refrigerated truck bodies will assure your cargo delivery safe and sound. 

Frestec-HVAC is built to establish a mind for customers that they choose the perfect partner to run and grow their business.


 World-wide Participation 

Frestec-HVAC currently has 3 plants at home China, and has successfully owned Lamberet SAS company (France) by oversea merger and acquisition in May, 2015.


Encouraging by competitive technology support, durable quality and globalization trends, Frestec-HVAC has established a strategic partnership with companies in Italy, France, Germany, etc, and aiming to upgrade production technique and accelerate technology sharing. Until now, Frestec-HVAC has customers over 90 countries and districts. Products has perfect performance in harsh conditions, such as, humid and scorching condition, Egypt, UAE, Ecuador, etc; montanic and hypoxic condition, Tibet China, Russia, USA, etc. In year 2009, Frestec-HVAC has officially become member of UN equipment supplier and play a more fundamental and prominent role in UN peacekeeping operations.


Serve the people is our ultimate purpose. Together, we could bring the world more freshness. 

Welcome to join us