What we do 

Frestec-HVAC is professional and powerful manufacturer of HVAC equipments and associated products with several clear divisions in our capabilities and offering:

1 )   Bus Air Conditioning System for all-electric bus, diesel-driven bus, trambus, bus length from 6 ~ 18meters; 

2 )   RV air conditioner for caravan, motor-home and yacht; 

3 )   Truck and trailer air conditioner; and other air conditioning for construction vehicle.

4 )   Truck Refrigeration Unit for 2 ~ 14meters insulated truck bodies; (2 ~  >50CBM)

5 )   Refrigerated Truck Bodies, body length 2 ~ 14meters. 

6 )   Technical and special projects. Frestec-HVAC is often requested to collaborate with various enterprises on highly technical products with special goals to achieve. We have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world on sensitive and highly technical projects. Such as: Kinglong bus, Benz bus, Higer bus, Yutong Bus, Tata bus, Shineway Food, and UN medical shelter, etc.


When it comes to HVAC system, the real question is what DON'T we do? From standard bus air conditioner, to RV air conditioner, straight forward truck refrigeration unit to exciting refrigerated truck bodies, Frestec-HVAC can make whatever you might want, need or dream about.


Asking one time is better than thinking thousands of times, welcome to contact us ~