Frestec-HVAC Warranty

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   About Frestec-HVAC Group   

Frestec-HVAC, a Temperature Control Division of AVIC, is a design based manufacturer and supplier with over 50 years’ combined experience of creating reliable and efficient HVAC equipments for all kinds of vehicles.

We endeavor to supply Bus air conditioning system, Truck refrigeration unit and Refrigerated truck bodies with best quality at competitive price, and more than willing to assist and support potential partners who are interested in developing HVAC market and would like to grow up together with us.   

   Warranty Clauses   

 Warranty Object: 

Object covers all products Frestec-HVAC manufactured and supplied, or, all products our clients purchase from our company and distributors.

 Warranty Time: 

Warranty for bus air conditioner and truck refrigeration unit is 30 months, and for Refrigerated truck bodies is 4 years. It is based on the Date of Invoice or Installation whichever comes last.


 Warranty Duty: 

Frestec-HVAC will only be responsible for the malfunction caused by Quality Issue;

Any other situations will fail to meet this warranty.


 Warranty Identification process and Implement: 

**  The user has responsibility to report to Frestec-HVAC salesman or dealer you contact with when the equipment malfunction occurs (via email, phone or in person). Related photos, videos or diagnosis report is necessary when apply to warranty service.

**  Frestec-HVAC and dealers has the right to identify the malfunction equipment and approve the warranty effectiveness as long as the situation is affirmative.

**  During warranty time, any malfunctions and damages of equipment caused by unit quality, we company will repair it for free.

Other situations, for instance, man-made damage, incorrect operation or other force majeure, Frestec-HVAC and dealers have right to refuse the warranty. However, we will repair it upon request with collecting necessary charges.

**  After the repair job gets done, all damage parts need to be delivered to Frestec-HVAC group or dealers upon request.


During the claim and the warranty identification process, please hold the malfunction equipment at one piece for further inspection when the situation occurs. Otherwise, the claim will be declined.

   Special Warranty Terms   

 Replacement Protection: 

Frestec-HVAC offers a Six months trial time for equipment replacement protection. It is based on the Date of Invoice or Installation whichever comes last.

 Warranty Extension:  

Frestect-HVAC has special policy of warranty extension for another 2 years beyond the official warranty time. We offer quick-wear parts of bus air conditioner and truck refrigeration unit at a reasonable factory price. For distributors, we will assist to build the spare parts warehouse for instant use.

Other circumstances shall be discussed between the claimer and Frestec-HVAC salesman or dealer. And claimer has the very right to appeal to Frestec-HVAC After-sales Dept directly if get unfair treatment( service@frestec-hvac.com ), and we HR Dept and Admin Dept will investigate and handle this seriously. Compensation will be rewarded if it turns out to be affirmative. We thanks for your supervision in advance.



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Update in year 2017

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