no-idling truck air conditioner

■ Product Name: no-idling truck air conditioner
■ Application: Truck cab
■ Power Source: Truck battery
■ Model Series: E- Series;
■ Cooling Capacity: 2 kw
■ Installation: Rooftop mounted / Truck cab rear mounted.

Product Details

This no-idling truck air conditioner can reduce the risk of driving for the driver of summer traffic jams to relieve the fatigue and boredom caused by the hot weather. It also allows drivers to take advantage of the time of loading and unloading, rest fully and keep energetic and safe.

The air conditioner for truck allows you to enjoy a cool and refreshing feeling on the road. Its variable frequency energy-saving design makes it suitable for a wide range of models. The multi-speed wind speed can be intelligently switched, and the wind speed can be adjusted to meet different needs.






Power Source

Evaporator Air Flow

External Dimension

Cooling Capacity



Truck Cab

SECOP DC compressor 

Truck Battery



 2 KW


1 ) This model is a No Idling Truck Air Conditioner, powered by vehicle battery on DC12/24V, making sure it also work well when engine is off. Truck Sleeper Air Conditioner has great advantages at fuel-saving and noiseless and comfortable cool feeling. 

2 ) Sleeper air conditioner Condenser Assembly mounted either on rooftop or on the external rear wall of the cabin, and air outlet board (or Evaporator) installed on the interior cabin wall, convenient to install according to vehicle condition and personal preference. This installation designing of battery powered air conditioner for trucks offers maximum flexibility.

3 ) Streamline modeling with Ultrathin in shape, along with good characters of anti-corrosion, weather resistance, UV proof and anti-aging.  

4 ) Sleeper cab air conditioners have Automatic control system for digital display, automatic temperature control, automatic fault diagnosis, reliable control and easy to repair and maintenance.