truck air conditioning units

■ Product Name: truck air conditioning units
■ Application: Truck cab
■ Power Source: Truck battery
■ Model Series: E- Series;
■ Cooling Capacity: 2 kw
■ Installation: Rooftop mounted / Truck cab rear mounted.

Product Details

Our truck air conditioning units are designed and developed for the use characteristics and working environment of various large trucks and various types of construction machinery. Its electric scroll compressor is directly driven by the vehicle DC power supply, with high reliability and low failure rate. It can work independently in the flameout state of the car without pollution. The battery-driven electric compressor has low noise, small size and simple installation.

It has a thickened aluminum condenser that is corrosion resistant and cool fast. The built-in full copper relay meets industry standards and is fully capable of automatic line regulation, protection, conversion and other functions.






Power Source

Evaporator Air Flow

External Dimension

Cooling Capacity



Truck Cab

SECOP DC compressor 

Truck Battery



 2 KW


1) This truck air conditioner is powered by a DC12 / 24V vehicle battery to ensure proper operation when the engine is off. It offers significant advantages in terms of fuel savings, noise-free and comfortable cooling.

2) The truck air conditioning unit condenser assembly can be mounted on the roof or exterior rear wall of the nacelle. A variety of installation options make it easy to install depending on the condition of the vehicle and personal preference. This cabin air conditioning installation design provides maximum flexibility.

3) It adopts streamlined ultra-thin structure, which has good corrosion resistance, weather resistance, UV resistance and anti-aging characteristics.

4) It has voltage detection protection. When the battery consumes less power than the vehicle is again powered, the air conditioner is automatically turned off.