Heavy Equipment Air Conditioning

■ Product Name: heavy equipment air conditioning
■ Application: Vehicle Cab
■ Power Source: Vehicle battery
■ Model Series: E- Series;
■ Cooling Capacity: 2 kw
■ Installation: Rooftop mounted / Vehicle cab rear mounted.

Product Details

Refrigeration working principle:

The refrigeration system of this heavy equipment air conditioning can be rotated by the compressor to convert the low temperature and low pressure refrigerant vapor into high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor into the condenser. The condenser in turn turns it into a liquid by the emission of heat. During the liquid state of the refrigerant, a large amount of heat is absorbed, so that the air in the evaporator is cooled, and finally the cold air is blown toward the passenger compartment.






Power Source

Evaporator Air Flow

External Dimension

Cooling Capacity



Truck Cab

SECOP DC compressor 

Truck Battery



 2 KW

Heavy equipment air conditionings are mainly composed of refrigeration systems, heaters, ventilation devices, and control devices.

(1) Refrigeration system. The system consists of a compressor, a condenser, a receiver drier, an expansion valve, an evaporator, and an electrical control system that cools the air using an evaporation endothermic refrigeration principle.

(2) Warm air device. It can achieve the purpose of increasing the indoor temperature by introducing the cooling water of the engine into the warm air radiator and then blowing the hot air into the vehicle by using a warm air motor. At the same time, the front windshield can be defrosted.

(3) Ventilation device. It includes a warm air motor, a wind tunnel, a damper and an air outlet, etc., and introduces fresh air outside the vehicle into the vehicle, and exhausts the dirty air inside the vehicle through the air outlet.

(4) Manipulating the control device. It consists of an electrical system and an operating device to control the operation of the refrigeration system and the warm air device. At the same time, the temperature, air volume and flow direction in the vehicle are adjusted to ensure the normal operation of the air conditioning system.


1. It cools the room quickly on hot days, keeping you cool and without noise.

2. The electronic control unit allows you to set the comfort according to your preference, and you can conveniently display the set temperature according to the temperature reading.

3. Multi-speed fans have different speeds to provide greater cooling flexibility.

4. Comfort control design allows you to easily control the direction of the cooling air no matter where it is installed.