Sales & Support 


Frestec-HVAC prides itself on providing a complete service, a ‘one-stop-shop’ from our experienced sales team, ensuring that you are purchasing the right HVAC system that meet your exact requirements to your vehicle. We are on hand to offer HVAC Solution advises when you are searching for new sincere supplier of your Air Conditioner and Refrigeration System business, or you are in need air conditioning system for your own vehicle.  

**   If you are choosing Bus air conditioning systemRV air conditionerTruck Air Conditioner, for your Air Conditioning business;

**   If you are looking for Truck refrigeration unitVan refrigeration unitRefrigerated truck bodies, for serving logistics transport industry.

Frestec-HVAC is always here to save your time and money as our Team has the abundant expertise on ac system to assist you to have a better experience. 

 Consultancy & Quality Control 

Frestec-HVAC services include pre-sales service, in-sales service and after-sales service. We are always ready to offer buying guidance, products presentation, assistance during products packing and shipping process, air conditioner repair, inspection and maintenance, as well as operational consultancy to get the very best profit opportunities from your end users and the possible improvements/modification of existing products to meet the latest customer expectations and standards

Offering peace of mind to our customers that we are with you all the way.

Frestec-HVAC supports our refrigeration equipment with high quality and competitive price to ensure the better performance and effective operation of our refrigeration equipment and keep your business running to help you make your return on your investment.

Frestec-HVAC manufactures the bus air conditioner and truck refrigeration unit ‘in-house’, meanwhile, adopts world-class spare parts, such as: Bitzer, Danfoss, goodyear, etc .

Whether it is a standard bus air conditioner unit or truck refrigeration unit or refrigerated truck bodies, even a custom built/bespoke model, Frestec-HVAC controls the entire manufacturing process. And everything we supply is designed in Shanghai, China and manufactured in China under a set of strict operating procedures.

Offering peace of mind to our clients why we deserve our position as one of the best manufacturers in the world.


 Fast Delivery 

With a strong production capacity and a large distributor network, Frestec-HVAC holds a large quantity of rotating stock of bus air conditioner and refrigeration unit ready for immediate sale. Please keep an eye on our website( www.frestec-hvac.com ) or Facebook page (FrestecHVAC).  

If you want to confirm details before taking the order, please contact us directly on ( +86 150 2691 2672 whatsApp available) or email us sales@frestec-hvac.com to speak to a member of our excellent sales team.

Offering peace of mind to our clients how we save your precious time and move cooperation forward efficiently and happily.