refrigerated truck box

■ Product Name: refrigerated truck box
■ Application: Bodies length: 0 ~ 14750mm, (Custom Size acceptable )
■ Material: Sandwich Panel, ( FRP + polyurethane PU + FRP)
■ Accessories: Stainless Steel 304 gauge;
■ Brand: Frestec

Product Details

In order to cause unnecessary damage to a large number of food, meat, fruits, vegetables, alcohol, etc. during transportation, you need our refrigerated truck box. The box of a refrigerated truck is similar to a container, but is made of a material with better insulation and reduces heat exchange.

Our insulation cabinet adopts advanced equipment and adopts the general “sandwich” process. The inner and outer materials are glass steel plate, color steel plate, aluminum plate and stainless steel plate. The middle is polyurethane extruded board. The inner, middle and outer layers are filled with special glue. These sheets are polymerized under a certain temperature and pressure, so the formed body has high strength, no cracking, and good heat preservation effect.

Rigids Types refrigerated cargo box is about 3~10meter long, roughly 10 ~ 50cubic meters. It suits for cargo delivery between main city and suburban area. 


1 ) Durable and strong, and available in a variety of sizes. 

2 ) Light in weight: 40% lighter than metal body and high in strength and long life: 5 times longer than metal body.

3 ) Non-corrosion, non-pollution, anti-brine, acid and soda-resisting.

4 ) Better insulation: K value less than 0.3w/㎡ k.

5 ) CKD panels are easy to assembly and repair at site, and seamless FRP interior walls are easy to maintain.


The main purpose of this refrigerated truck box is to transport a variety of meat, fish, dairy products, soy products, frozen foods, fruits and vegetables and cold drinks in supermarkets. It can also be used for specific industrial demand temperature transportation and transportation of medical vaccines.


Goods that are generally transported by refrigerated trucks are items that cannot be stored for a long time. Although they have refrigeration equipment, they still need to be delivered to the destination faster.