Frestec-HVAC Online Service 

At Frestec-HVAC, we offer a 24/7 online service, our sales and customer service team members are ready and willing to help however and whenever we could. When it comes to advising and supporting our clients, Frestec-HVAC can be there every step of the way.


We can help with the purchase of any HVAC system, whether a set of Bus air conditioner, Truck refrigeration unit, RV air conditioner, Truck air conditioner, Refrigerated truck bodies or custom made/bespoke model.


If you are interested in starting your business and would like to grow up together with us, there is never a silly question, so don’t be afraid to contact us on +86-150 2691 2672 (whatsApp available) or email us at sales@frestec-hvac.com