Types Of Car Air Conditioners

- May 19, 2017-

1, according to drive mode is divided into: independent (dedicated one engine-driven compressor, the refrigeration quantity is big, the work is stable, but the cost is high, the volume and the weight are big, is used for the big, the medium passenger car and the independent type (the air conditioner compressor is driven by the automobile engine, the refrigeration performance is affected by the engine work is big, the stability is poor, is used

2, according to air conditioning performance is divided into: a single functional type (refrigeration, heating, ventilation system installation, individual operation, non-interference, much used in large-scale passenger cars and trucks, and heating and cooling integrated (refrigeration, heating, ventilation common blower and air duct, on the same control board control, work can be divided into the combination of heating and cooling wind and cooling wind can work at the same time mixing thermostat. The car uses a mixed thermostat.

3, according to the control mode is divided into manual (toggle the function keys on the control board to the temperature, wind speed, wind direction control) and electronic control pneumatic adjustment (using the vacuum control mechanism, elected good air-conditioning function key, you can automatically control the temperature and air volume in the predetermined temperature).

4, according to the control method is divided into: Fully automatic adjustment (using the calculation and comparison circuit, through the sensor signal and preset signal control mechanism work, automatic regulation of temperature and air volume) and computer control of automatic Regulation (computer as the control center, to achieve a full range of vehicle air environment, multi-function optimal control and adjustment).