The Working Principle Of Bus Air Conditioner

- May 19, 2017-

Auto Air-conditioning refrigeration system consists of compressor, condenser, liquid storage dryer, expansion valve, evaporator and blower. The components are connected into a closed system by means of a copper tube (or aluminum tube) and a high-pressure rubber hose. Refrigeration system work, the refrigerant in different state in the closed system circulation, each cycle has four basic processes: 1, compression process: compressor suction evaporator outlet at low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas, it compressed into high-temperature high-pressure gas discharge compressor. 2, the cooling process: high-temperature high-pressure superheated refrigerant gas into the condenser, due to pressure and temperature reduction, refrigerant gas condensed into a liquid, and discharge a large amount of heat. 3, throttling process: high temperature and pressure of the refrigerant liquid through the expansion device after the volume of large, pressure and temperature dropped sharply, in order to fog (small droplets) out of the expansion device. 4, endothermic process: fog-like refrigerant liquid into the evaporator, so when the refrigerant boiling point is far below the evaporator temperature, so refrigerant liquid evaporated into gas. In the evaporation process to absorb a large number of ambient heat, and then low-temperature low pressure refrigerant vapor into the compressor. The above process is carried out in a cycle to reduce the air temperature around the evaporator.

The functions of automatic air conditioner include the automatic adjustment of temperature and humidity in the vehicle, the automatic control of return air and the mode of ventilation, and the operation mode and the control of airflow volume. The electronic control unit will be based on the driver or passengers through the air conditioner Display Control Panel buttons on the setting, so that the air-conditioning system automatically run, and according to a variety of sensors input signal, the temperature and the speed of the air supply to adjust in a timely manner, so that the environment in the car to maintain the best state