The Use Method Of Automobile Air Conditioner

- May 19, 2017-

To create a cool and comfortable interior space, the proper use of air-conditioning and the necessary maintenance of air-conditioning is essential. Correct use and maintenance methods, not only to bring you a cool summer, but also to extend the service life of air-conditioning, the following air-conditioning use "nine points of attention" may be helpful to you.

First, the air-conditioning conversion should be cautious

Do not promote the car air-conditioning modification, because the original air conditioning and automotive engines are matched, such as random modification, will affect the performance of the car.

Second, the air conditioner temperature not too low

Choose the appropriate air-conditioning temperature, is the first step of air-conditioning maintenance. Because of the hot weather, many car owners like to adjust the temperature too low, which will affect the health of the body. Under normal circumstances, the cabin temperature and the outside temperature should be 5 Shan to 6 Shan, that is, the optimal temperature of air-conditioning is 18 Shan to 25 Shan.

III. Control the outlet direction

We must remember the principle that cold air sinks and the heat rises as the physical knowledge is abundant. Don't forget to ingenious oh. The principle of air conditioner outlet: When the air conditioner will be outlet upwards, the heating will be outlet downward.

Four, open time not too long

We know you are "not bad money", but still encourage you to turn off the air conditioner properly while driving. Long-time use of air conditioners will cause the condenser pressure too much, which will cause loss to the refrigeration system. Therefore, if the car temperature has made you comfortable, may want to turn off the air-conditioning for a while, let it also rest, rest for a while.

V. Appropriate opening of the Gale

Afraid of the noise of you, how long has it been only in the small amount of wind to enjoy the gentle? Properly let it sing a song River! Air conditioning will be used to absorb a lot of dust, the regular wind will be able to wind the surface dust blown out of the duct, the simplest method is most effective.

Six, low-speed driving off air conditioning

Low-speed driving as far as possible to shut down air conditioning, traffic jams do not improve the efficiency of air-conditioning engine to run at a higher speed, this will shorten the engine and air conditioning compressor service life.