RV40 RV Air Conditioner

- Nov 02, 2016-

Reviewer: Nathan G from Perth, Australia


Speaking of this new RV air conditioner, Quieter operating than my older one, got a model of 14300btu cooling, very powerful for my 28ft caravan, see my Arthur.





It is well protected in crate when I saw it, coated with water proof membrane, tks, well done.  I am gonna post it, as u can see,




Title: Caravan Air Coniditioner package


I got it installed on my RV roof, right above dinner hall and it is lovely. i could also run rooftop while i use the microwave too.


my fridge (a med size one) and water heater both running on electric same time as all this.   So I think is very efficient.


Cool thing is operation of it, it automatically kicks down the fan to med, and low, and then ultimately off at desired temperature.

Heat strip, works as well, does put out warm air at cold nights. Love it when snowing.


This is good air conditioner for caravan, with it, I am gonna hit the road with my fellows, travel across Australia to east.  i am coming, Brisbane.