Reasons Of Not Refrigeration In Automobile Air Conditioner

- Jun 08, 2017-

1, internal or external machine fan or capacitance damage:

The main performance is: If the fan is bad, the main performance is excessive temperature or high pressure, if the internal fan is bad, then the performance is internal frost.

2, refrigerant leakage or refrigerant quality does not pass:

Because the arrival of the summer, brought the refrigerant market prosperity, so there are many quality of the market on the refrigerant. If you happen to buy this refrigerant, your car air conditioner is not refrigeration, very normal. If so, as long as you replace the car air-conditioning refrigerant can be.

3, the air conditioning power supply 0 line is reversed:

This phenomenon, generally only in the automotive air-conditioning installed time. If everything is normal after a car air-conditioner, this phenomenon can be ruled out.

4, compressor capacitor damage or bad

If the motor compressor capacitor is damaged or bad, it will cause the compressor to not work. The main performance is: Car inside and outside the machine are working, the compressor will not rotate, and will cause overheating.

5. Poor remote control or bad air conditioner receivers

This reason can be said to be a very common phenomenon, if you are in the car air-conditioning, when the boot, air conditioning is not reflected, or occasionally not spirit. In this way, you will need to check whether the remote control or air-conditioning receiver "small mood".

6. The malfunction of the control board in the air conditioner or outside machine

The main performance is: Auto air-conditioning after the boot is not reflected or the car air conditioner appeared "move" phenomenon

7, car air-conditioning room temperature temperature head to achieve the set temperatures

In fact, the car air-conditioning and home air conditioning is the same, if the car air-conditioning room temperature temperature to reach the setting, the air conditioner outside the machine will not be working. The main performance is: After the air-conditioning reaches a certain temperature, into the shutdown state.