New Energy Bus Become Standard Pubic City Bus In Foshan

- May 13, 2014-


New Energy Bus Become Standard Pubic City Bus 

in Foshan, Guangdong



Title: 101 unit LNG city bus deliver ceremony.


On May 12nd, our reporter learned news about city bus in Foshan from Guangdong Foshan public city transportation Co., LTD (short for Yue Yun).

The news said that another batch of 101unit of new energy buses will run on the road as city bus, and it also a symbol shows that all our company bus has finished the replacement, and all our 598 unit bus will offer service for our citizen in a more environmental way. It was reported that there has been 3200 unit new energy bus in Foshan city so far, and Shancheng area will finish the replacement by the end of June, 2014.


Title: LNG bus, Fuel Tank.



Yue Yun bus Co, has invested almost 40 million RMB in this bus replacement. Their 101units new energy buses will soon run on road to serve the public transportation since May 12nd. In the following 3days, new energy bus will show up on bus route #127, #103 and #128 and all 101units buses will finish replacement by the end of this month.



Title: LNG city bus runs on road. 

Newly introduced new energy bus is also upgrade a lot. Comparing to previous bus, this new energy bus increased carrying capacity and improved the interior space, also configured the electronic board, GPS vehicle stops announcer and video monitoring system both inside and outside of bus. According to the city's transport bureau, this batch of bus could reduce 60Tons of carbon dioxide annually.


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