Met Our Reefer Truck & Truck Refrigeration Unit On Road

- Oct 02, 2016-

Met our Reefer Truck & Truck Refrigeration Unit on road 

China National holiday from Oct 1st to 7th. in year 2016, hang out with my close friends to have a long vacation, approaching lunch time, we pull over Service Area along Highway, and there is a reefer truck jump into my eyes:

Yes, it is our company made reefer truck, Frestec-HVAC, and I took a close look at it, after talk with the owner, he said he buy this truck for 2 years, and this is the third year when December.He make business for long distance delivery, especially fish and crabs from Qingdao to Inland China, Qingdao has good crabs. 



Take a close look at this reefer truck: 

9.6meter chassis reefer truck


Reefer Truck technical data

**  Refrigerated Truck Bodies size: 960 x 250 x 220cm;

**  Volume: 52cubic meters;

**  Application: quick-frozen food, sea food, dairy products, vegetables, etc.





Truck Refrigeration Unit technical data

**   Model: KD980;

**   Cooling capacity for 45-55 cubic meters;