Maintenance Of Auto Air Conditioner

- May 19, 2017-

First, choose the appropriate air-conditioning temperature. Of course in summer, many people like to turn the temperature down very low. But when the temperature is too low, will affect the health of the body, so air-conditioning temperature adjustment must be appropriate. The most appropriate temperature for the human body is 20 Shan to 25 Shan, more than 28 Shan, people will feel stuffy. and less than 14 Shan, people will feel cold. Therefore, the air-conditioning should be in the car temperature control between 18 Shan to 25 Shan, low temperature easily make people ill.

Second, the summer into the car immediately start the internal cycle. Cars parked in the hot sun for a long time, some owners like to start the car immediately open the air-conditioning and open the internal cycle, think this can let the car temperature drop faster. But because the temperature inside the car is higher than the temperature outside the car, so the effect is not good. When you first get into the car, you should open the window and open the outer loop to drain the heat. When the temperature in the compartment drops, then replace the inner loop.

Third, people know to use air-conditioning in a fully enclosed state. The same is true for automotive air conditioners, where the car windows are not tightly closed during use, which will make the refrigeration ineffective and waste fuel.

Four, air conditioner outlet direction at random. Some owners in the use of air-conditioning, do not pay attention to adjust the direction of air conditioning, which is not conducive to play the best air-conditioning effect. According to the principle of sinking cold air and rising heat, the correct approach should be to turn the outlet upwards when the air conditioner is open and the outlet downward when the heating is opened.

Five, a long time to open air-conditioning. Some owners often in the car after the air conditioning, but the use of air-conditioning for a long time will cause the condenser pressure too much, which will cause loss to the refrigeration system, because the air conditioner is a heavy burden on the engine, and the engine itself is a heating body, not to mention in the high temperature weather. Some small-displacement vehicles in this case even appear water boiling phenomenon, affecting driving also reduced air-conditioning efficiency. Therefore, every time the use of air-conditioning should not be too long, if the car temperature has reached a comfortable temperature, you can turn off the air conditioner, and then open.