King Long Bus Acts Positively In One Belt And One Road

- Mar 10, 2017-

King Long Bus Acts Positively in One Belt and One Road



Title: One Belt and One Road (21th century New Silk Road) 

On May 14 and 15, Beijing held international cooperation "One belt and One Road". The two-day event has produced concrete results that provide many opportunities for countries in this area.


This One Belt and One Road Strategy is designed according to ancient silk road both on land and sea, and this road has been working for centuries and still has strong vitality, this road intents to connect countries along the road and band their economic together and help each other.


What has King Long (Golden Dragon) taken to respond to China's ambitious One Belt And One Road? Peng Dongqing, vice chairman of King Long bus, said the company has been taking a series of positive steps to strengthen its presence in overseas market. King Long has accumulated rich experience in automotive manufacturing and marketing and is now ready to compete with international rivals.




Title: King Long (Golden Dragon) exported to Myanmar 


King Long took internationalization as one of its main development strategies, and its goal is to make its exports account for more than 25 percent of its total sales. The bus maker is confident and firm, fully aware of the challenges ahead and believes its high-tech and customer-focused attention will lead the international arena.


Yonghui Jiang, director of Oversea Marketing Department, he said, in a few years ago China introduced the "area" program, greatly promoted the construction of infrastructure in many countries, and created a huge demand for commercial car.



Title: King Long Double Decker bus with electric double deck bus air conditioner in Mauritius, this is a high-end bus.


Since 2003, King Long exports sales have exceeded the 50,000 mark.From 2010 to 2016 alone, China exported about 30,000 buses to more than 20 countries, showing the momentum of rapid growth.

Known for its pioneering spirit, Israel warmly welcomes China's "One Belt And One Road". In recent years, China has carried out cooperation projects with China in new and new technologies, energy, tourism and other fields.In harsh weather conditions, the country is highly selective when it comes to choosing buses that run on the road.



Title: the King Long bus as BRT in Tanzania. (public city bus system)


In 2011, King Long (Golden Dragon) began working with a local distributor. In just a few years, China's King Long bus has run smoothly on its streets. In fact, the carmaker exported 50,000 buses to the country. In June 2016, King Long held a news conference in Tel Aviv to release 7 bus models to Israeli customers. Benz, according to Israel's second largest bus operators, Dan used to operating in Europe, but in recent years, it turned to King Long bus, this is completely in line with Europe's six emission standards. By the end of 2016, there were 420 buses in city.




Title: Ceremony of 500,000 King Long bus are exported to overseas markets


The high standards and demanding requirements of customers in the high end of the bus market have also provided the impetus for King Long's innovation and promoted its development. Take the luggage compartment for example, In the past, two doors were usually standard. However, European clients just want one. Golden dragon is undaunted, overcoming many technical challenges and showing customers the way they want it.




Title: King Long bus in Israel  (Golden Dragon)

Today, King Long aluminum electric bus jointly built a Dutch EBUSCO, it in Mauritius double-decker buses, all sorts of color in Burma victory coach, light buses, in Egypt and in Syria, city bus, all operate smoothly, provides unprecedented convenience for local residents.

"Not only do we offer our products to overseas customers, we also offer unparalleled services and are determined to maintain and grow," said Yonghui Jiang.


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