One Belt And One Road, King Long Buses Drive Across The World

- Jun 23, 2015-

One Belt and One Road, King Long Buses Drive across the World

                                                               -- Delivery ceremony of 1060units of King Long buses to Saudi Arabia



King Long bus once again astonished the bus industry after exporting 204 units of luxury bus exported to Thailand. Response to the call of One Belt and One Road strategy, King Long bus won the order of 1060units buses to Saudi Arabia. On June 18th, the grand ceremony was held at Xiamen seaport.



Title: Delivery ceremony of 1060 units of King Long buses to Saudi Arabia


Lin Rui, Vice Mayor of Xiamen city, delivered the symbolic Golden Key to the representative of Saudi Arabia. On this Maritime Silk Road, from china east coast to Arabian Sea, the business line starts to prosper once again with 1060 buses departed to Saudi Arabia for students escort.

"This is the most shining achievement since the reorganization and reform of King Long Enterprise. It not only breaks the record of oversea bus sales, but also sets up a new record both in Fujian province and in China in history." Liu Rui said. 


Chen Bing, executive chairman of the China Machinery Industry Federation, came to the ceremony to congratulate King Long. He said, “China's automobile is a leading manufacturer of Chinese-made industries and is pleased to see that King Long bus doing well in the "Go globally" strategy on behalf of the Chinese bus companies.”

"I hope that we could use bus as a link to further promote the Sino-Saudi machinery industry to achieve complementary advantages and promote friendship between China and Saudi Arabia, and even Mid-East area." 

He added, "Currently, all China provinces and cities are building automobile industry chain positively. I wish King Long bus could continuously accelerate independent innovation, and strive to enhance the bus technology and manufacturing level."


“This sales order of King Long Bus is milestone event in King Long history, not only the sales volume of 1060 buses, but also the exploring of oversea market successfully,” said Xiaoqiang Lian, CEO of King Long Bus Group. China is highly promoting the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, and Saudi Arabia is an important partner. King Long bus, the first brand of China bus industry, is ushering into a new stage of development. Xiamen government will support King Long to full fill “One Belt and One Road” strategy as always have been. as an service-oriented government, we will push forward the integration of resources and independent innovation to assist King Long bus group to provide more superior products and services all over the world by further exploring oversea market.


Title: 1060units bus is ready to go at Seaport.

According to Xie Weiguo, Overseas Marketing Director of King Long Bus, Saudi Arabia is a traditional market for King Long bus group. We already have sold 3500 units to Saudi Arabia since 2004 when we open the market. Especially in the high-end bus market, we are far ahead of other competitors, and own high level brand awareness and brand favorite in bus market.


This 1060 units bus order to Saudi Arabia is a totally breakthrough, and this is the expected outcome for us after decades of attention have been focused on this market. On June 9th, the first batch of 150units was departed and it will be soon delivered on 20th for the rest.



Automobile industry is not only the bellwether in manufacturing industry in Fujian Province, but also an important export products.For this 1060 units bus, it only cost 50days to finish material prepare, manufacturing, production inspection and cargo delivery. We should give the credit to rapid response capability of King Long bus. It is obviously that King Long bus group has systematical sales ability, solid technology, skilled work team. 


Quality, Price and service are the golden standards of company
Earlier this year, the Saudi Ministry of Education started the project of purchasing 200 units unified school bus for the national primary and secondary schools, there are several competitors including King Long bus, as the trail order, King Long bus got a 80units share. After testing several months of each bus, King Long bus left a good impression for them, which helped King Long win all the rest 1060units bus order. 



 Title: representative of Saudi Arabia say King Long bus is true bus Manufacturer.

As the pioneer of Chinese bus companies exploring Saudi Arabia market, although this is the first bus export to Saudi Arabia in large-scale, King Long bus has owned a quite reputation in local market. "KING LONG" is well know bus brand for local customers, even local residents. 


King Long bus is the only China bus brand who has got access to big orders since enter Saudi Arabia market and it keeps climbing. NTC is the solo agent of King Long bus in Saudi Arabia, and they have made great progress in this 10 years since 2004. The partnership has been renewed with another 10years. NTC says, King Long bus is trustworthy and a true bus company. It is an honor we got chance to cooperation with them.

King Long bus has been focusing on exporting high-quality products and services, improving the export level and core competitiveness of Chinese passenger car products.


In Saudi Arabia, King Long is mainly focusing on the Middle and high-end clients, what is worth mentioning is that King Long has beat Mercedes in 2011, and won 150units luxurious bus order from Saudi Arabia's largest state-owned transportation companies. And this is the very first time for this company use King Long bus. Since then, the company has bought more than 1,000 luxury buses and city buses from the King Long bus for the next four consecutive years.


The determination and promotion of the "One Belt And One Road" national strategy has brought more opportunities for "made in China" market.


In the "One Belt And One Road" running through the Eurasian continent, King Long bus has a solid market base and a good brand influence. According to statistics, the sales volume of King Long bus in Asia and Europe account for 80% of the amount of foreign sales.



Title: Xiaoqiang Lian, CEO of King Long bus group talk about the new breakthrough in Saudi Arabia market.


In Asia market, except Saudi Arabia, King Long bus own a quite reputation in Middle East area. In Iran, King Long bus is known as “Oriental Red Rose”.

In Iran, King Long BRT products accounted for 70% share of the local bus system. In In Iraq, 313 buses were sent in 2015, which is consider as the first batch of China bus exporting to Iraq.

In Africa, King Long bus exports to many countries and

In Algeria, South Africa, Nigeria and other countries, King Long occupies majority share of local market.

In Europe, King Long bus is the first China bus who passed "high threshold" EU certification and the first China bus company of exporting to EU market. Now King Long bus widely used in more than 10 EU countries and the inventory has been ranking the forefront of China's bus companies.

In worldwide market, King Long bus have been exported to more than 120 countries and regions, and established more than 80 authorized dealers and service agencies overseas.

Since the implementation of overseas marketing strategy from 2000 to 2014, export amounts of King Long bus are achieved an average increase of about 50% yearly.

Transportation is a priority area in the “One Belt and One Road” strategy, which bring broader space and significant opportunity for China bus industry. When talked about the future of bus industry, Xiaoqiang Lian is confident to believe there is a bright future.

First of all, Fujian Government has offer great policy support more than any other year in the past.

Second, we carry out resource integration within King Long bus group, and bring King Long more competitiveness.

Third, King Long bus owns well reputation via our good quality and reasonable price as well as warm hearted service.


New era is coming, and King Long bus will once again catch the opportunity to achieve leaping development.

 -- END --