Inspection Of Bus Air Conditioner

- May 19, 2017-

First check whether the refrigerant is enough, can be measured by the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet piping of the dryer, or through the manifold pressure gauges.

Second, often clean out the tuyere and the cab in the dust and dirt. This not only helps the car to be beautiful, but also good for the health of the drivers and passengers.

Third, regularly check the air conditioning system refrigerant liquid level is normal. There are several ways to check the height of the liquid, but the most common and easiest way to do this is to use a peep hole in the dryer to check.

Check the compressor belt is good. If the belt surface and the pulley groove contact side light, and start the air conditioner there is "creak" noise, indicating that the belt slipping seriously should replace belt and pulley; if the belt too loose should be adjusted, otherwise easy to make air-conditioning system cooling bad

Check the air conditioning system hoses and fittings for oil. If leakage is found, the solution should be consulted to the maintenance department in time.

In addition, the first use of automotive air-conditioning season, it is best to disinfect and deodorization of air-conditioning system, this is because the air-conditioning system for a long time "leave" will breed fungi and mold, it not only makes the air bad musty odor, but also to the health of people in the car harmful. This work can be carried out to the repair shop, but also can be purchased from deodorant special spraying agent self treatment.