High Speed Train Is Under Construction From Laos To China

- Aug 13, 2017-

High Speed Train is under construction from Laos(Vientiane) to China (Kunming)

                    -- Laos local people is expecting China Tourist.


 Title:  CRH (China Rialway High-Speed) 300km/h. 

A few kilometers north of Luang Prabang, Laos, there was a tunnel under construction on the road leading to China. This is one of construction sites of High Speed Train from Laos(Vientiane) to China (Kunming), which confirmed the most eye-catching railway in this area. If all goes well, after four years, a high-speed train will enter the tunnel between the Mekong River and the dense jungle that is covered with the adjacent hills.


Title:  construction site Luang Prabang, Laos, 

Total length of this railway is 418 km and the design speed is 160 km/h. this Road is designed and constructed by China Railway Engineering Corporation, all support by China's technical standards and China Construction Equipment. More than 60% of the road is the bridge and tunnel,

This railway is the first modern railway in Laos, connecting the Yunnan Mohan port and Vientiane, capital of Laos.When the railway is finished, it will only need about 3 hours from Mohan to Vientiane, shortened by nearly 40 hours.



According to the French "Le Monde" reported on August 8, high-speed rail to the north 560 km will be able to reach China's Yunnan Province, Kunming, south of the Lao capital through the Vientiane, about 200 km from the distance. Subsequently, the high-speed rail will continue along the railway through the neighboring Thailand, because Bangkok in July has just approved another railway plan. By 2021, it was possible to link Kunming and Singapore through high-speed rail, which was the first in the area.

Reported that the two railway lines in Laos and Thailand are built by Chinese enterprises, they will form a "one way all the way" initiative in Southeast Asia "feeder." For China, the purpose of this operation is to open up a direct access to the Malaysian and Singapore market direct trade channel, without the need for strategic instability in the South China Sea East Asia.


Title: Railway on map, Green line.  Thailand (Bangkok) to Laos(Vientiane) to China (Kunming) 


Luang Prabang three Lao young people are building tunnels in front of the service station before the selection of chili, they are pleased to say, "With the high iron is really good, we can not take the bus to the time soon to Vientiane."

There are blue placards at the top of the workers dormitory next to the construction sites, written in Chinese and Lao, "The Chinese and Lao people are proud to build a railway leading to friendship, happiness, security and harmony."


The plan is so impressive because it involves the construction of high-speed rails up to 414 kilometers in Laos, passing through both magnificent and undulating landscapes, some of which are difficult to access in the mountains and steep terrain. High-speed rail will have 75 tunnels and 167 bridges, 10 stations in the line,the maximum speed is 160km/h,and cargo train is 120km/h.


Title: Trans-Asian Railway, China(Kunming) - Laos(Vientiane) - Thailand (Bangkok) - Singapore

It is reported that this train will lead Laos to open world, both north to China and south to Singapore. As known, Laos is a inland country, this will help break the reclusive state and bring prosper for local people. The railway also makes some people happy, businessman Song Pei said, If there is no high-speed rail plan, I will never build the hotel. cause we will soon have visitors from China. In the near future, the economy here will be significantly improved and also can drive the local economic prosperity and improve people's living conditions.

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