Higer Cloud Strategy Releases, Bus Access To Free Network

- May 15, 2014-

Higer Cloud Strategy Releases, Bus access to Free Network


Free at 4 aspects, Open Bus Internet Era 


Title: walking with Cloud

Ministry of transport, vice President of the academy of sciences, Hao Zhang, secretary general of the China highway passenger branch society Xuanru Hu, Foton group general manager assistant Danfeng Luo, the general manager of Higer company, Wenwen Wu, Representative of bus passengers and Internet companies, such as alibaba, tencent, Bestone, TV media, UC Browser, more than 150 people attended the meeting.


Title: Higer Cloud strategy was released in Beijing on May 14, 2014.


Think about that: a short or long journey, clear sky, you are on a Higer bus with Bus air conditioning system on, pull out your Electronic Toys, iPad, laptop, smart phone, connect to free Wifi and surf the internet. You can probably watch a movie, play a game, have an online meeting with your team members, share photo you took and thought you have right at that moment via Facebook, Twitter, Wechat, Instagram or Pinterest. Never need to worry about running out your mobile traffic. And this is exactly what we are doing right here, right now.

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, 

Thanks for coming and witnessing the revolution of Internet on moving bus.

It is understood that the Higer cloud system is free at four aspects:

free cloud system equipment, free Internet traffic, free installation of cloud system equipment and free maintenance of cloud system equipment. By doing so, they intent to introduce the free mobile Internet into bus carriage. As we know, internet become inevitable part of our daily life. This move will help to optimize the passenger experience, enhance the passenger's viscosity, improve the attendance rate, and win more passengers for the bus operators.


 Three elements of Higer Could System 


Title: Higer spokesman expounded the “Higer Cloud”

At the conference, Yongping Ji, Higer strategic director, explained Higer cloud strategy in details. Higer cloud strategy is the new development of Higer smart bus concept. In 2010, Higer has introduced windchill system to build a future cloud research and development management system, which initially built a cloud design system.


The concept and function of upgrading Higer smart bus based on mobile Internet is a very important direction of Higer's products in recent years.

Higer Cloud Strategy includes three elements. The first element is Higer Bus itself, the core carrier, the second element is the cloud system of the mobile Internet platform, and the third element is the cloud management which focuses on the management of buses.  



 New Internet Platform support Bus Industry upgrading  



Title: conferee experiences Higer Could.


How Internet have connection with a bus? And why so many Internet Giants are focusing on bus now?  


As is known to us all, with the rapid development of the third industrial revolution, especially practical application of information technology by Internet, mobile Internet information technology thoroughly subverts the traditional market rules and way of people’s daily life.


In the field of transportation, bus is the main means of transportation for most of people. According to statistics from Ministry of Transport. There are 40billion passengers travel by bus yearly, and if it is 1.4 billion people, which means each people in China has took bus for 28times annually. The situation is, most people in China could live a life without plane, ship, or train, however, the bus is inevitable anyhow. This is a massive market. So, what do passengers do during this time? And how could we offer better experience to help our user to attract passengers? That idea stimulates us, Now, here we are.


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