Happy National Day Of China

- Oct 01, 2017-

National Holiday of China 

Starts from Oct 1st to 8th, for celebrating of becoming a whole Nation again and get rid of the intervention power from outside of China.


Long live China.





Since 1978s, China has been made great achievements with the policy of “Reform and Opening up”. Agricultural, China raise 20% of total population with only 7% farm land, no people in China need to bear starvation, even death cause of food shortage. 

Industry, China has built complete industry system, and achieve industrialization. Now, China could built high leveled equipments, such as: FAST radio telescope, China Railway High-speed(know as Bullet Train), other Super Engineering, such as Railway at Tibet, Bridges, etc. 

Service Industry: China has developed a 10billion market economy, and Create new economic forms that make peoples life much more convenient, such as: Sharing economy, famous Mobike, DIDI; way of people social work, known as wechat, QQ; way of payment, known as wechat, alipay.


Not only within China, China also shares her development outcomes with all over the world.