H Series Double Decker Bus Air Conditioner

- Sep 12, 2017-

H series Double Decker Bus Air Conditioner



 Red London Bus, Double Decker Bus


Title: double decker bus London.

A double-decker bus is a bus designed and built for mass public communication in city.  It has two storeys or decks and connected by ladders within bus. Double-decker buses are now used in many cities Especially in London, capital of UK, called Red London Bus. other cities: Dublin, Skopje, Istanbul, Stockholm, Madrid, Cape Town, Cario, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Kunming, Hong Kong and Macau in China, Manila, Sydney, Ottawa, NY, LA, etc.


 H series Double Decker Bus Air Conditioner  


Title: Double Decker bus air conditioning system


  • Product Name: Double Deck Bus Air Conditioner;

  • Application: 10 - 14m double decker bus;

  • Power Source: Bus Engine;

  • Model Series: H Series;

  • Cooling Capacity: 34 ~ 48kw;

  • Installation: Bus Rear, upper space of bus engine


 Description of Double Decker Bus Air Conditioner 


Title: Double Decker Bus Air Conditioning Installed on the Rear Back of the double decker Bus


Double Decker bus air conditioner, double decker bus HVAC system is designed and built according to the special structure of double decker bus.Air conditioning for double decker bus is installed at the rear part of bus, temperature control can realize the multi layer, many area, the air conditioning has a compact structure, to optimize the design of the double duct, lightweight design, general layout, it is easy to install on the decker bus, cool air for passengers, comfortable climate in hot summer, also helps to improve the balance and stability of a double-decker bus.

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Title: the structure of the double decker bus HVAC, the professional double decker bus air conditioner manufacturer

 Features of Double Decker Bus Air Conditioner 
  • This two deck bus air conditioner is intended for double deck buses.

  • Up to 47300 Kcal/h cooling capacity, with low noise and low power consumption. 

  • Adopts original imported Bock FK 50-775K up to 775 cc to maximum cooling

  • Optimized double-layer air duct design, that make air flow more uniform, evenly, gentle and comfortable.

  • World-brands other core components, ensure the product have a high quality such as Bock, Bitzer, Danfoss, Spal, etc

  • Using original imported SPAL 8 four-speed centrifugal evaporator blowers, 6 axial condenser fans 

  • The heat exchanger, also called condenser coil, we adopt ø7 mm internal thread copper tubes, improving the heat transfer coefficient, and ensuring the air conditioner has a better energy-efficiency ratio.

  • Adopted the patent technology of condensation water heat recovery, the new technology used in the international market, to ensure that Frestec’s air conditioner are environment friendly and energy-saving.

  • Digital-displayed automatic temperature control function and failure automatic diagnosis system, making the air conditioner operation and repair becoming extremely easy and convenient. 

  • ISO9001/ TS16949/ QS9000/ CE Certification.



Application of the H-series Double Decker Bus Air Conditioner

Frestec-HVAC H-series double decker bus air conditioner has a cooling capacity covering 34 ~ 48kw, which is suits for 10 ~ 14m double decker buses, such as: double decker tour bus, double decker city bus, two-deck school bus, two-layer public buses.


World-wide After-sales Service & Spare Parts for Double Deck Bus HVAC

We company offer a two-year warranty for all of our Double deck bus air conditioning system after you have the air conditioner for bus installed on your bus. Besides, after the warranty time, we are still available to offer you spare parts at necessary and reasonable factory price according to your need.


Double Decker Bus HVAC Manufacturer

As the professional two-deck bus air-conditioning manufacturers, we supply the high quality air conditioning for double decker bus, two deck bus air conditioning, double decker rv air conditioner, double decker tour bus air conditioner, two-layer bus air conditioner, city bus air conditioner for the larger and medium-scaled double-deck bus factory, double-deck bus body builder, double-deck bus air conditioner distributor, high product quality and performance with competitive price.


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