New Member of DC Electric Compressor

- May 10, 2017-


 New member of DC Electric Compressor 


FT23 DC Electric Compressor

Model FT23 is a new member of FT series Electric Compressor family, and it has all advantages of DC Electric compressor.

1 ) Powered by DC battery. Zero Emission and Zero Pollution absolutely.

2 ) Low Noise;  3000rpm ≤65dB(A);

3 ) Easy installation, no belt pulley, no strict angle to match engine.

4 ) High Energy Efficiency; EER reach 1.92; 

5 ) Light weight, 5.5kg; Small in Size, overall Size: 208x155x126mm;

FT23 has two outstanding features over the other family members:

1 ) Bigger cooling capacity, 30% bigger than FT18(1.1 ~ 2.8kw), 60% bigger than FT15(1 ~ 2.3kw). Cooling capacity reaches at 1.4 ~ 3.6kw.

2 ) Normalized voltage.


 Application & Case 

Electric Compressor FT23 is designed for Electric car in the first place, and the cooling capacity is the same level of gasoline motor car. After the phase of R&D in lab, and field testing, FT23 model DC Electric Compressor steps into mass production phase.


Title: Production line and skilled workers. 


This model achieved great success, when released into air compressor market, and we Frestec-HVAC has become one special supplier of BAIC BJEV, known as Beijing Electric Vehicle Co. who has topped the domestic new energy vehicle market in terms of volume.


Title: BJEV New Energy Car, Model EX260 & EU260. 

According to BJEV’s five-year plan, they devote to increasing their annual output to 800,000 units, and sales volume at 500,000 units by 2020, which is a great market for our DC electric compressor.


Title: BJEV Five Year Plan Release Conference.

What is worth mentioning is that this is just an epitome of China’s New Energy Strategy, we have sound reasons to believe that DC powered Air Compressor will embrace its time in the near future.



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