Integrated Scroll DC Electric Compressor

- Feb 01, 2017-

Integrated Scroll DC Electric Compressor 

Frestec-HVAC, a Temperature Control Division of AVIC, is a design based manufacturer and supplier with over 50 years’ combined experience of creating reliable and efficient HVAC equipments. 

Integrated scroll electric compressor: 


DC Electric compressor 

In order to achieve mass production, and strengthen the control of product quality and quantity, Frestec-HVAC has invested 6 million RMB in year 2007, and set up a special compressor design and production subsidiary, which total covers an area of 8 acres and 6600 square meters production workshop plant. Frestec-HVAC is the first professional manufacturer of integrated scroll electric compressor.  


 Initial model of DC Compressor 

This type of Electrical compressor is first designed by Frestec-HVAC team in 2009 in China, and 4 Stated Owned patent. This model series of air compressor is a DC air compressor, powered by DC battery, and has a cooling capacity are 1.5 ~ 4kw, widely apply to cars, SUV cars, MPV, Pickup truck, Heavy truck, and other machinery.


This electric compressor has great advantages in:

1. Light weight, 5.5kg; Small in Size, overall Size: 208x155x126mm;

2. Low Noise;  3000rpm ≤65dB(A);

3. High Energy Efficiency; EER reach 1.92;  

4. Zero Emission and Zero Pollution; powered by DC battery. 


Title: structure drawing (integrated type, samller size than split model) 


Application expansion

Nowadays, R & D engineers have designed new model series of Electric Compressor, cooling capacity are 4 ~ 28kw(13640btu ~ 95480btu). This Electric Air Compressor are mainly designed for air condition system of Electric Bus, Shuttle Bus, Heavy construction machinery, Heavy truck, etc.


In addition, Frestec-HVAC is expanding way to more applications. Such as:  helicopter air conditioning systems, Railway High-Speed air conditioning system, rescue capsule, and Industrial Electric Cabinet Air Conditioner.


As leading Electric air compressor manufacturers, we will constantly expand the scope of integrated electric compressor application, and contribute to energy-saving and emission reduction strategy.


This kind of Electric DC compressor already have owned a good reputation in market, and new creation models will continuously reach our distributors and you could also check the detail information on our website: DC electric compressor – revolution for air conditioning system. And if you have any questions, please contact us freely.

Issued by Frestec-HVAC Group.