Custom Freezer Truck For Kedi Group(quick Frozen Food Co.)

- May 05, 2017-

Custom Freezer Truck for Kedi Group

                                            ( A quick frozen food Co.)

50sets refrigerated trucks are completed and passed the acceptance tests on May 2015.


Title: reefer truck ready to deliver. 


This Freezer Truck model great advantages: 

This model is light truck type. Mainly design for short distance delivery. Such as, county and small supermarket, etc. have great advantages at: 

** Quick service, flexibility;

** Small carrying capability for small branches, such as small shop or community;

** Cheap price for this reefer truck relatively, and small shop owners could afford.


Title: reefer truck bodies close shot at head and rear part. 

Reefer Truck Bodies technical data:


**  Box Length: 260x180x180cm;

**  BoxVolume: 8cubic meters;

**  Truck refrigeration unit:  20 degrees below zero;

**  Application: quick-frozen food, sea food, dairy products, vegetables, etc.


Client Info: 

Kedi Group is a company located in Shangqiu city, China, main business are quick-frozen food, such as: dairy food, Jiaozi, Zongzi, fish, chicken, etc.

Kedi group has complete manufacture system, and have ability to produce 600 thousand tons per year.