GAZ Group Admires CNG Intercity Bus

- Aug 14, 2013-

GAZ Group admires CNG intercity bus




Title: GAZ CNG bus 

GAZ, a well-known Russian carmaker, has developed a CNG coach. The passenger car was developed by the model of the medium-sized coach kavz-4238. This CNG coach is 10 meters long, especially for the suburbs and long distance routes. GAZ group korgan bus factory undertook the production work. It is reported that the CNG bus is equipped with the Cummins internal combustion engine conforming to the euro 5 emission standard and the ZF transmission.

This model CNG coach has five cylinders containing 123 liters of natural gas and is capable of running 400km each time with full gas. Bus has a capacity of 44 passengers at most, and 35 to 39 seats according to various models.




Title: CNG bus as city bus in China.

As global temperature keeps climbing, and relative laws and regulations were enacted, and also, duo to the cost of bus manufacture and operation, the CNG bus is a wise choice, especial for city bus.



Title: King Long Bus wait for shipping to Saudia Arabia 

Not only the CNG bus is highly promoted, new energy bus becomes a nova in bus industry world-widely. Such as, LNG bus, all electric bus, hybrid bus. In China, intercity bus, city bus, electric bus are becoming the first choice when plan the transportation. New engery bus become a trend in transportation, not only because the low cost when compare to Diesel engine bus, but also the environment. China New Engergy bus has made a great success, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Burma, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, South Africa, etc.  

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