Cleaning Method Of Automobile Air Conditioner

- May 19, 2017-

1. Replace Dust Filter

Conventional air conditioning system cleaning involves replacing the filter cartridge, using the detergent and removing the cleaning. Replacement of dust filter is the simplest way, low-cost but can keep the air unobstructed, a little mechanical knowledge of the owners can clean their own hands. Most small-car dust filters are under the front windshield of the car, covered by a water trough. When the dust filter is replaced, the cover of the engine can be opened, the clamp of the fixed flow groove is removed, and the water tank is removed to see the dust filter. If the dust filter use time is not long, you can use high-pressure gas blowing clean, if it has been blocked, directly remove the replacement of a original dust filter, and then as it is installed on the line.

2, external circulation duct sterilization

There are a lot of cleaning agents used in the market to clean the air duct, and the owner can buy it by himself. Remove the dust filter, start the vehicle, turn on the air conditioner and put the air conditioner in the outer loop, the foam-like detergent spray to dust filter, air conditioning outside the circulation of air will be the cleaning agent suction duct, the air duct, air-conditioning evaporator and heater water tank decomposition of bacteria, dispel odor, dirt will become liquid from the air conditioner outflow outlet. After the cleaning work is finished, it is best to replace the dust filter, the inside of the car will blow out the fresh air.

3, send repair Station cleaning

The replacement of dust filter and use cleaning agent cleaning air duct is from outside the air-conditioning system to clean up, if after cleaning out the air vent is still very small, smell not completely removed, you can only go to the repair shop to remove the bellows, replace the evaporator and manually clean the air conditioning heating device shell. However, the bellows are generally installed under the vehicle's dashboard, the maintenance workload is very big, the cost is also higher.

4, the use of ozone sterilization

The use of high concentration of ozone water for automotive air-conditioning sterilization treatment. It is understood that ozone water is currently available as one of the strongest oxidant, can easily make bacteria, fungi protein shell oxidation denaturation, quickly kill bacteria and spores, E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, hepatitis virus, cold virus oxidation decomposition. Ozone nature Lively, at room temperature can be reduced to oxygen, is the most environmentally friendly bactericidal substances.