China-Germany Green Automobile Air Conditioning Technology Seminar

- Dec 03, 2013-

The first China-Germany green automobile air conditioning technology seminar was successfully held in Shanghai


Environmental protection, energy conservation and safety have always been a common concern of the automobile industry, especially the refrigerant used in automobile air conditioning has been concerned by governments and automobile industries.

Refrigerant, Such as R410a, R134A, R22, R407 etc, is the necessary intermediary and coolant, for the air conditioning system. Most of the bus air conditioner, van air conditioner, truck air conditioner, are driven by engine.


According to EU standards, new cars will be banned from using the greenhouse effect potential (GWP) of more than 150 refrigerants starting on January 1, 2017. This poses a serious challenge and test for the use of the next generation of environmental refrigerants in automobile factories and automobile air conditioning plants.

In order to meet this challenge, on November 25th, 2013, Sino-Germany green car air-conditioning joint technical seminar was hold in Shanghai. participating organization including: Automobile air conditioning refrigeration and air conditioning industry association of China committee and China automotive engineering society of automotive air conditioning professional committee. Germany organization: GIZ and the German automotive industry association (VDA).


Mr. Volkmar Hasse from Germany GIZ, Mr. Uergen Wertenbach from Germany BENZ, Dr Huang kwok keung from automobile air-conditioning industry in China, professor jiang-ping Chen, Dr ShiJunYe, Sun Xifeng, gave speeches on the topics of New refrigerant, energy-saving. This China-Germany green automobile air conditioning joint technology seminar contains about 80 institutions, organization, experts and car makers. Such as, Shanghai Volkswagen, dongfeng-citroen automobile and foreign brands in Shanghai R&D center, such as PSA, CHRYSLER, and had less, independent brands such as Shanghai auto, dongfeng, the Great Wall, chery, jianghuai, brilliance, changan.



The conference not only communicated technology, provided information, but also built a platform for the communication and promotion of new cold media in the future.


What is worthy mention is that new energy is becoming the trend. And lots of car makers has been investing and encouraging this research.  Such as All electric bus, hybrid bus, LNG bus, CNG bus. Which accelerate the relevant products. Such as, battery technology, gas restore technology, electric bus air conditioner, electic car. etc. 

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