F. A. Q. 

What solution we company could offer you?  (Product Range)     

With decades of R&D and feedback of market optimization, now we can offer complete solution for your needs on 

Cold Chain when it comes to transport vehicles. Our Product range covers: 

**  Bus Air Conditioning System for all-electric busdiesel-driven busdouble decker bus, and shcool bus, etc.  6 ~ 18m; 

**  RV air conditioner for Caravan, motor-home and yacht;

**  Truck and trailer air conditioner; and other air conditioning for construction vehicle;

**  Truck Refrigeration Unit for 2 ~ 14m insulated truck bodies; or volume capacity 2 ~  >50CBM;

**  Refrigerated Truck Bodies, length 2 ~ 14m. or volume capacity 2 ~ >50CBM.

Contrast between Electric Bus AC and Diesel-driven Bus AC? 

** These two Bus AC types were both designed for bus HVAC system, which means they have the functionality in common. 

** Main difference resides in the power source

Diesel-driven Bus AC, is powered by bus engine system through an extra compressor or sub-engine system. 

while Electric Bus AC, as the name shows, is designed to be powered by DC Battery(DC270 ~ 750V). 

As a rising star in these days, Electric Bus Air Conditioner has great advantage over Engine-driven bus ac, such as: fuel saving, Zero emission and environment friendly, easy installation and maintenance, no noisy and no effect to engine. Which makes it 

quite popular among upscale market.