Product Recommended

Product Recommended
  • refrigerated truck box
    refrigerated truck box

    ■ Product Name: refrigerated truck box
    ■ Application: Bodies length: 0 ~ 14750mm, (Custom Size acceptable )
    ■ Material: Sandwich Panel, ( FRP + polyurethane PU + FRP)
    ■ Accessories: Stainless Steel 304 gauge;
    ■ Brand: Frestec

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  • Air Conditioner For Motorhome
    Air Conditioner For Motorhome

    The frequency conversion function of this air conditioner for motorhome can save more energy, and it also has the characteristics of low starting current, which can effectively protect the power system inside the car.
    This product improves production technology, making air conditioning more balanced, with less vibration and lower noise.

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