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Frestec-HVAC Equipment Co.,Ltd

Frestec-HVAC, a Temperature Control Division of AVIC, was founded in 1964s, and had been serving the market at both home and abroad since 1984s. Frestec-HVAC has revolutionized manufacture Cold Chain Equipment for mobile applications over the decades with its team constantly working on new creations. Inspired by a passion for ultimate assurance of cold chain solution,   the portfolio has transformed over the years from single bus air conditioning system to entire transport...


    • refrigerated truck box

      refrigerated truck box

      ■ Product Name: refrigerated truck box
      ■ Application: Bodies length: 0 ~ 14750mm, (Custom Size acceptable )
      ■ Material: Sandwich Panel, ( FRP + polyurethane PU + FRP)
      ■ Accessories: Stainless Steel 304 gauge;
      ■ Brand: Frestec

    • Air Conditioner For Motorhome

      Air Conditioner For Motorhome

      The frequency conversion function of this air conditioner for motorhome can save more energy, and it also has the characteristics of low starting current, which can effectively protect the power system inside the car.
      This product improves production technology, making air conditioning more balanced, with less vibration and lower noise.

    • 15000 Btu Rv Air Conditioner

      15000 Btu Rv Air Conditioner

      The 15000 btu rv air conditioner is perfectly matched to the installation of the vehicle, and is optimized for the RV in terms of design, energy consumption, space and shock resistance. The overhead air conditioner is installed in the top of the cabin in the RV, and the outdoor unit is installed above the roof of the car.

    • battery powered air conditioner

      battery powered air conditioner

      Using frequency conversion technology, cooling of All electric bus air conditioning System is fast. Fully enclosed scroll compressor has high energy efficiency, high volume efficiency, good hydraulic hammer resistance, low vibration and low noise.